5 Questions To Ask Your Self Before Buying something New

In many homes today, many people do what they do not because they wanted to do it, but most of them do it because they saw someone doing it and they think that they can do it.If you really wanna buy anything at all, new in the market, all you need to do is ask yourself some at east these 10 questions am about to write down to you. Ebimnageniusland is here o guide you on some certain areas of your life that you never imagined that they are very important, though you might think that it's just what you wanna do, but you never can tell if you are really in need of that thing until you ask yourself these questions am about to cheap in for you in few seconds.
5 Questions To Ask Your Self Before Buying something New
Buying of new things are very good because everyone wants to use something new, everyone wants to have special things for yourself irrespective of whether you have the money or not, all you just want is just that thing new.

1. Why On Earth Do I Want This?

If you can first ask yourself this question an give you a quite and justified answer that is really encouraging to yourself then that means that you have passed the number one exam you gave to yourself, In other words, you should make sure that you gave yourself a convincing answer so as for you not to regret buying that thing after you must have bought it.

2. How Often will I use This?

This is one of the major  key roles in buying an item that you want to buy, irrespective of where it is being sold, If you ask yourself and you realise that you won't be needing the item quite often at that point or at any particular time at all, I see no reason why you should buy it and keep, because it might be something that expires no matter how original you think that item is. 

3. What Other Important Things Do I Need To Use This MOney FOr?

Spending money is an emotional decision, I have  no doubt about that, Sometimes you might not wanna spend that money at that time, but because you realise that you saw  something you like and you really wanna have ti, you will quickly go and buy, without thinking of the reasons why you should buy that thing like we said in Step 1, Therefore, if you must spend that money in an emotional statue, you must be willing to convince yourself with Step 1 And Step two, and also confirm that there is nothing more important than that thing you wanna buy, which is ahead of you.

4. Will This Item Serve Me Well?

If you never asked yourself how this item will serve you before spending your money, you should make sure that as soon as you purchase the new item you must obtain the actual use of it, You happened to purchase a gown you saw because you see that its very beautiful and at the end of the day, you realised that it doesn't suit your body stature, but you really loved the gown, the next thing to do is either, you took it back to the person you bought it from, unfortunately he might not accept to refund your money back to you, the next thing you will do is to dish it out, or look for someone to sell it to, which you must probably not sell it the actual amount you bought it.

5. Can I Afford This Item?

If You must purchase that item that you wanna buy, have you asked yourself if you can afford it? Don't let yourself into something you can't afford, though there are a lot of beautiful things outside there that you like to have to yourself, you must never forget to know the level of things you can afford. Don't be among the people that purchase something from someone they know, even when they know that they don't have the money, the will promise to pay back once the money comes in.
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  1. Wow, this is really good write up, number 2 is my favorite among all this, coz if I won't use it more often, its of no use for me to spend the money