Two Female Undergraduate Kidnapped & Stripped Naked By Kidnappers inPortHarcourt Demanding for 500K Each

It was notified by their course mate who posted it on Facebook, that he got it from their Whats-app group chat by name UCHE OSEFOH that the two young ladies from Federal Polytechnic Oko in Anambra State who studies electrical engineering went for Runs in Portharcourt and ended up being kidnapped, which the kidnappers are demanding for 500,000 per head or else they will both die, and they refused to disclose their names.
Two Female Undergraduate Kidnapped & Stripped Naked By Kidnappers in PortHarcourt Demanding for 500K Each
Many Students have put their lives at risk all in the name of runs, by going outside their school to sleep with a man just because of money, it appears that they are both single, and their parents try as much as they can to make sure that their school fees are being paid. 

Though parents don't really know that it's not all about a child's school fees, they thinks that once they give the child his/her school fees, that they don't need any other thing for money, forgetting that most students are also facing the economy of Nigeria in their school to, most students are facing hunger which is most time unbearable for the youths which leads them to do a lot of things which they're not supposed to do at the back of their parents.

The federal government is bringing this as a state of warning to all parents all over the world to take the good look and good care of their children, both in paying their school fees and giving them pocket money even when they never demanded it, you may think that the child has everything.

YES he/she has everything, but never forget that it is never enough for that child when he/she sees his/her friends wearing the latest clothes in the market, when he/she sees his/her school mates eating whatever they want to eat outside their home in the school arena, it is never enough for them.

Youths of today are to be taken care of, not just letting them suffer in hunger, although your main priority as a parent who sent your child to school is to pay his/her school fees, and also make sure he/she gives you his/her result every semester. 

But never forget that he/she is still a child irrespective of their age, never forget that they still need fatherly and motherly advice and support because they always feel like a baby whenever they're around their parents until they're married, even after marriage.

We bring it to notice to all fathers in Anambra to take care of their children and stop leaving every responsibility to the mothers, because mothers have really suffered, and it's really a great burden to a lot of them. 

Fathers take note, because if you didn't do what you are supposed to do in the lives of your children when they're youths you will see the results when they grow up, you will be seeking for their faces, and only one or two out of your 6 or 7 children you bore will notice your pains as an elderly man.
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