Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Prophetic Declaration For the Year 2017 by Evang. Dr. Ebere Michaels

2017 has not ended yet, The year still have many days and months to go, Tap your blessings now, before it's over. God has decided to use a great woman of God this year to bring you fruitfulness at your doors this year 2017 if you believe and have faith in God.
Evang. Dr. Ebere Michaels
I wish to bring to your remembrance that God is still God even in this year 2017, he will never see you and change, because he is unchangeable till the next world.

2017 Prophetic declaration made by the powerful woman of God generally known as Jesus Icheku Oku (Jesus the consuming fire)

It was revealed to the woman of God, Evang. Dr. Ebere Michaels the General Overseer of CHRISTIAN BELIEVER'S MINISTRY WORLDWIDE that this year 2017 will be a year of 
* Liberation of 500 barrenness in all ramifications.
* Many ladies in this country Nigeria that is due for marriage especially the ones from the age of 30-45 years will connect to their rightful husband this year 2017.
* Men at the age grade of 40-55 who are still single will locate their rightful god given wives this year 2017.
* In this year 2017, any marriage that has been cratching for many years will receive a new revival of peace and unity. 
* Every broken marriage must receive a great revival by the power in the name of Jesus.
Every broken marriage must receive revival this year 2017
She explained Barrenness in this way: Your own barrenness can be in your business, career, academics, destiny. talent and what have you. Connect to this prophecy and you will see full hands of God in your lives in Jesus name, Amen.

In all things, She also said that this prophecy will only work for those that believe in God and as well for those that have faith in God without any doubt.

Even if you have lost hope and faith in God, in this year 2017, rebuild your faith and hope in God, and you will see your husbands and your full divine fruitfulness coming your way this 2017 in Jesus name, Amen

Share this message all over the world with your family and friends, and you shall see God manifesting physically in your homes in Jesus name, Amen.

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Evang. Dr. Ebere Michaels