How I Finally Got Married To The Man I've Been Dying For

Many Ladies today has lost their luck of marrying who their heart was but just because of the friends or people around them who goes around teaching them the wrong way of attending to a man no matter how close he is to you. Though it's never easy for some girls to learn the characters of some guys who are so weak in their ways of attending to the woman they love as well.
How I Finally Got Married To The Man I've Been Dying For

How I finally got married to the man I've been praying to be my husband right from the first day I saw him with another girl.

I want you to pay a big attention to this article as you read, make sure you have a mirror and a paper with you, just for you to jot down some important points which might be relevant in the application of your relationship you are into, or you are about to enter.

There is this young pretty lady I met in school, we happen to be in the same department and at the same level too, she was very attractive and she has a lot of boyfriends who even beg her to collect money from them. So as time goes on, she walked up to me, asking me to come and be her roommate, that she is afraid of leaving in her apartment alone.

Wow, she never knew I've been praying to get close to her just for her to be helping me out with some money for my own providence in school, no matter how small it. I was so happy to see come to me by herself. Then I told her that I will think about it, that I will have to inform my parents too, in case of the money I will pay her, as her house rent.

Surprisingly for me, she told to forget about house rent, that it's a small case that she can handle it. then I accepted to be her roommate. From that day Onwards, we became best friends both in school and everywhere. Most times, she has male visitors in our apartment I will leave them both in the parlor and enter the room just to give her the respect she deserves as the owner of the house.

We continued like that, she kept has different male visitors every day, sometimes some of them spend the night with us in the same room, but the only thing I always do is to never be close or around her, whenever her boyfriends or sugar daddies come around. It's either I leave the room if they're in the room or I leave the parlor if they're in the parlor.

One beautiful day, I was with my roommate in the parlor reading our books, some which I was teaching her were the ings I expected her to know, but she didn't know them, but that was never a problem to me, I bent down my pride and taught her all she asked me to. She was so appreciative of me, then we became closer than we used to be. She told me that she is really not happy, with me because I've not been giving her the food I cook, then I told her to remember that we both had an agreement before I packed into her house that we will be cooking separately, and as well we will never wear each other's clothes.

She said that she remembers, but we can still make corrections to our agreement, which I accepted with her too, just for the sake of peace. We started cooking and eating together, meanwhile, right from the day I entered her house, I've never seen her boiled water talk more of cooking any other thing, she always likes going out o buy fast food or any soft drinks of her choice because she has the money.

One glorious morning, she told me about a particular guy whom she met newly and the guy happens to be a good guy who has nothing evil in mind to do to the girl, but all the guy told the girl was that she would want her to prepare his favorite meal for him then he will visit her after some weeks, and he asked the guy on phone what his favorite was, and he said YAM AND EGG STEW.

However, the girl doesn't know how to cook because she is always interested in going out in buying fast food and eating. She planned on going out to buy the so-called yam and egg stew for her visitor any day he says he will come, she never bothered herself on cooking anything at all. until when he called her and told her that she is already coming. she rushed to the nearby hotel and bush bar to buy the food, unfortunately for her, she didn't see the combination of the food the guy demands.

Moreover, I heard her discussing with the guy on phone, then I prepared myself in cooking the diet for the guy since the both of us are now cooking in the same pot and eating from the same plate. When the guy arrived she served him the food, without telling him who prepared the food, the guy was so amazed by the sweetness of the food. To the extent, he asked her who prepared the food, and she told him the truth that I was the one.
How I Finally Got Married To The Man I've Been Dying For
Since that day till today, he never calls her anymore, before he left the house that day, he collected my phone number, and we became friends online, through chats. As time goes on, he approached me and told his mind, fully for me, I accepted him. After some months that we were friends, he proposed to me. I was the happiest woman on earth because he is the kind of man I've been praying for. This is how I became happily married to my handsome and God-fearing husband.

My advice to my fellow ladies outside the world is that marriage and relationship are not all about S*X, sometimes you need to devise a way to make him happy, maybe by giving him his favorite, or by doing his favorite, or by dressing in his favorite. All you need is just to be sensitive enough to know what his favorite is.

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