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For Men That Ejaculates Easily, See The Secret Ways to Satisfy Your Woman

For guys that easily cum once their woman touches them in their erogenous zone, and on the other hand, the woman is just starting, see the best way to make your woman feel good, even if you released so easily, she will not feel bad at all, instead she will be happy and smiling to you for making her reach her expected enjoyment.
How to satisfy a woman on bed
Some men are selfish to the extent that they are just interested to fuck their women, once they cum, they will just jump down and go off to work or any other thing they wanna, while some will just fuck the woman so hard and just leave her there and goes off to find what to eat, It's totally wrong.

You must make sure you satisfy her first so that once you penetrate in her, you will just cum and they both have equal satisfaction, so as to balance the equation of sex on bed. Now,  I have a question for you guys: You know that you release sperm so easily, once she gives you blow job and you are aroused and you penetrate in her, the next thing is, you release, Do you know how to make her be satisfied? Do you know what to do, to make never think of having another sex man outside the home? Do you know the things to tell her to make her always wanna be with you all the rest of her life? 

Let me show you how to make your Woman satisfied before you cum: So many men don;t know that the lips, neck, and breast of a woman comes first before her pussy. Some men think that once they press the boobs anyhow they like, the woman becomes wet. NO, it's totally wrong. You must caress her body so gently and smoothly, her nipples are very sensitive more than you think, Kiss her so good that she will want to die for you, romance her like you won't see her again tomorrow, before you now come to the main zone, being the pussy.

Let's talk about the pussy and how you will move her to madness on the bed just for her to be for you alone: 

Sucking pussy is one thing some men in this part of the world see as a taboo, an abomination and 'un-African'. To them, it is a No, they say how can they use the same mouth they use in eating and praying to their creator to suck a woman's pussy. It's quite unfortunate that we still have these kinds of men among us. 

Sucking a woman's pussy is one thing every man should give to his woman. It is the height of selfishness to deny a woman the pleasure that makes her go crazy. Every man should be a terrible and amazing pussy eater. Every man should be able to suck madness into his woman's head. Don't just pull off her pant and start to bang her pussy, No! Suck the damn pussy until her legs begin to quake and she can't stand it anymore before you can now penetrate. Any woman who has never experienced the craziness of being sucked is yet to understand the mightiness of Sex. As much as I know, pussy is supposed to be sucked before fucked. A well-sucked pussy is a well-soaked pussy; a well-soaked pussy is a well-wet pussy and a well-wet pussy can comfortably accommodate any dick size without bruises. 

If she finds it difficult to get wet, suck her pussy real good; if she finds it hard to be aroused for fuck, suck her dirty; if she easily dries up while banging her, suck her very well before penetrating the pussy; if you are a two minutes man, use your tongue to make up by sucking her for 30mins so that she can cum as many times as possible before you can now penetrate her and bang her for your usual 2mins and pour. You will notice she won't even complain of your quick ejaculation because you have used your tongue to make up your deficiency; if she complains that you have never made her to cum, suck her real good and watch her confess. If she has never begged you to penetrate her, suck her for 30mins none stop and watch her beg you to enter. 

Real men eat pussy! If you think your mouth should not go near there, then your dick should not even dare to enter. If you think your mouth should not go near there, then your dick should not even dare to enter. If my dick can enter there, then my mouth should be able to eat it real good. Suck before you Fuck! That is why you have an elastic tongue. Don't just use your tongue to shout at her, rather use your tongue to lash out at her pussy. It is better you leave marks of your tongue on her pussy than to leave bruises on it. 

Sucking a woman's pussy makes her feel so good and so relaxed and so babyish. Every woman's body is meant to be eaten, especially her pussy. If you are a man and you have never tasted a woman's pussy with your tongue or you cannot tell the taste of her pussy, then you are missing out long ago.

Once the pussy is neat, clean and well shaved, then it deserves to be sucked. Once the pussy is tasteless and odorless, then bro, Suck and lick up every juice in her pussy. After kissing and sucking her breast for more than 15mins so that her first pussy wet will flow and wash out the innermost pussy dirt, let her lie down, spread her legs very wide like a fowl, then use your hands to spread the pussy wide. 

If you look very well at the pussy, it has three layers. The first layer is always dark. It is just a light skin like a handkerchief. This first layer is the flesh that covers the clit. Use your left thumb and index finger to separate and push out this first skin that covers the clit. Once you separate it wide, you will see the almighty Clit, standing and waving like a flag, begging to be sucked. That is the second layer.
This clit is always reddish. That is the pleasure house. 

The clit is the engine and power house of the pussy. Once you see it, smile mischievously, bite your lips, and then stick out your tongue to touch and taste it. Immediately you touch the clit with your tongue, she will shake vigorously. That is a sign that you are there. Now bro, suck the damn clit real good. Have you ever seen a dog licking water? That is nature teaching you how to suck a pussy. Suck and suck as she is screaming and scattering the bed due to excess pleasure. 

Honestly, if you put your mind in it, you will enjoy it. As you are sucking her, occasionally glance at her face to know if she is enjoying it or not. All your sucking should be concentrated on the clit which is located at the topmost side of her pussy while the pussy gets wet and you see the wets will be flowing at the down side. Eat it the same way you eat watermelon.

Suck everything and lick up everything. To be a good pussy eater, you have to master suffocation techniques especially if you are sucking a chubby pussy that has big flesh and corny reddish. You know that kind of pussy that when you are sucking them, their clit and their pussy will just cover your nose making it hard for you to breathe. If you don't know how to cease your breath for good 5mins, you won't be able to last five minutes down there because the pussy will choke you. Some pussies can choke for Africa. Choking pussies need a master pussy eater to handle them. Cease your breath, enter and suck, suck and suck, then raise your head up and take fresh air, put back your head down there and continue eating the damn pussy until she can no longer withstand the pressure of pleasure. 

The kind of pussy she has determines how best to suck her. If she has a pot belly in addition to her pussy, then the best way to handle her is to suck her from behind.  This is called doggy sucking. Let her lie down facing downwards and then raise her ass up like someone that wants to fart to reveal the pink succulent cunt. You will see the clit hanging like over riped pawpaw ready to fall. Then you should bend down as if you want to peep her ass and then suck the clit real good. Use your tongue and flip it over and over, front and back, sideways and then carry your entire mouth and scrub it as if you are mopping the floor. 

Try as much as possible to avoid contacts with the teeth. It should be a toothless suck. She will just be shaking and quaking. Be at alert because if her pussy squirts, it will splash on your face. So once she starts shaking so terribly, rubbing her hands on her pussy jaw, just shift back a bit otherwise the whole wets will splash on your face.

Chubby pussies can squirt for Africa.  Doggy sucking is the best way to suck chubby pussy, big pussy, and chubby pussy. Also, doggy sucking is good on small pussies too. You know those ladies that are around on the ground, those ladies that are not tall, very short but their waist is a killer. If they are walking, their buttocks change style from one dancing step to another! Women ass gives joy, honestly. It gladdens my heart at the sight of bouncing asses and dancing asses. They have an irresistible waist with an awesome ass. They can hang their legs for 50mins non-stop banging and their positioning is pussy class. Once they position, nothing to adjust again because they can spread their legs so well. Doggy sucking is the best for them. If it is a long pussy, missionary sucking is the best for them.

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