Diamond Bank Has Finally Introduced The Simplest Mobile Banking Code

Diamond Bank has finally introduced their mobile banking code different from Diamond Y'Ello account code for all transactions. Duelly needed in the Diamond bank
Diamond Bank Has Finally Introduced The Simplest Mobile Banking Code
Diamond bank has come to stay, many students, single and married today have diamond bank account and yet they don't know how to transact at home, when you happen to visit diamond bank just for an official printout needed in your office or working place, You will be surprise of the maximum number of people You will see in the bank queuing online to deposit a money they withdrew from the same diamond bank from their Account.

This is a great and wonderful opportunity for everyone banking with Diamond bank. Stop queuing in the bank, reduce the stress of going to the bank every day and stay inside your Kitchen, Toilet, bedroom, parlour, and even inside your bathroom to do any transaction of your choice, irrespective of any amount it is.

Although some other banks have their code too, their code has a specific amount to pay in with the coed for a day just like in GTBANK, In a previous post I posted on Our wall: The Fastest, Simple And Convenient Bank For Beginnerstheir code as well as one of the simplest and easiest to access through

Now for you to transfer funds, Request for Cards, Buy airtime, check pin and check your balance in Account, It's very simple to use a code. 
Simply Dial *426# and follow Its appropriate steps.

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  1. Diamond bank sef, I hope that this one will work..

    Cos since I been using that bank, to make any online transaction is problem..

    Even to buy airtime. I hope those one will work

  2. It works perfectly, I bank With Diamond Bank too

  3. Of a Truth, Diamond banks have really woken up from their sleeps