Curse Unto Any Man Who Values His Girlfriend/Wife More Than His Mother-Duncan Mighty Says

Duncan shared the photo above on his Instagram page and wrote: Woe Unto Any Man Who Values His Girlfriend/Wife More Than His Mother."After all this suffers make pikin see food chop and pay school fees, the idiot will bring in one slay queen and forget his mother's effort,,, u still made it yet u driving a car while she still treks to the market. 

you eat any kind of food you wanna eat outside and come home, go straight to your room and sleep, why you never asked her whether she has eaten anything at all. You buy all sorts of things you want for your so-called slayqueen, or girlfriend outside the world, and still, beg her to collect them from you, but you never bought any for your mom.
You stand outside right in front of the so-called wife and talk evil or wrong about your own mom, You are a fool. You never even thought that if you die today, that your so-called slay queen will still go and meet someone else to be attached to, while your mom cries out blood in her eyes for the death of his loving son, whom she will keep seeing his face forever till she might even give the ghost On your behalf. 

All men should wake up and take their mom as number one. If you think that she is a witchcraft woman like some fake pastors will tell you, have you asked yourself: If my mom is witchcraft, Why didn't she kill me when I was in the womb? Why am I still alive today prospering? It is all the prayer he made and she is still making for you secretly in her ed before she sleeps every night.

Woe unto any man who values his GF/wife more than his mother ..... My mother my everything... Anticipate THANK YOU, MAMA, FOR 9MONTHS: Duncan Mighty Says.

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