Being Single is Not an Excuse To Not Getting Incredible Business ForLiving

Being single is the best opportunity in life that many married couples today all over the world at large is praying for God to take them back to their single age so that they can make things right, which is no longer possible because the time is irreversible. As a single right now, you should be happy, because the opportunity you have to be a single is what you have made to be useful to your generations and next future to come which must be used in the right way before it's over, because once it's over, the privilege will never come again the second time.
Being Single is Not an Excuse To Not Getting Incredible Business For Living
Many singles today, both male and female, thinks that being single is all about pleasure and enjoyment of life and as well feel the pleasure in your flesh now that you have the opportunity. Well, all those ones are really good, but that is not the main priority why God made you be a youth until that age. A lot of singles today have lost their identity and the understanding of being single which is absolutely luring their future to the wrong track of life which hey can never see or believe it now, no matter how long anyone tries to convince them of it.

Let me tell you a story of one of the singles Yesterday and How she made it when she was still single

Once upon a time, I was a single young lady very pretty, fair in complexion, attractive to any man that comes to me, very intelligent, always willing to help people no matter what it will take, as well hard-working young single Lady. During my days in the university, I was always very-very sensitive enough to know what I want as a single lady. I have many friends, both the good and the bad ones, but I choose the ones to learn from, I make the choice of the friends I mingle with, Irrespective of their ages.

One day, in the lecture hall, a guy approached me and told me how he feels about me all these years he has been seeing me in school. Well, I welcomed him wholeheartedly just like I used to welcome others too. We both chatted in the hall together, we laughed things over, we talked through and over a lot of things too. After some couple of weeks, he invited me to his house. Wowo, I was so amazed to have such a wealthy guy invite me to his house without minding if I was really human or not.

I visited him, and surprisingly for me, he was from a noble family and a Christian home too, but he misbehaves a lot outside the world. When I went to his apartment where I was invited, I realized that he has a guard at the entrance, He has everything he needs as a noble sone from a noble family. I took that as a plus to my life. I promised myself that moment I entered his room that I'm not gonna leave his house without anything tangible.

We were both discussing when he came close and held me very tight on my waist and ask me to be his girlfriend, which he probably always tell other girls on the campus too. I was afraid to say NO because I don't know if his guards are gonna kill me. So I fearfully said YES. He was so happy, that finally, that girl that no guy on campus was able to sleep with, he is gonna break that record today. He came so close to me that we were discussing in his room to the extent that he almost kissed me. But I distracted him by asking questions of the pictures am seeing in his room, like his mom's, dad's siblings' and friends too.

He never wanted to talk abo/ut them but I get him talking about them., until when he told me who his father really was. Guess what..............? He was the man I have been submitting the application letter to in one of his company very close to my school, which I wanted to be working per-time because of my studies. Wow, I was the happiest woman on earth that evening, he was shocked to see me so happy all of a sudden just at the mention of his dad's name.

As our discussion was going on, he asked to do him a favor, by pulling off my suit jacket and just be on my singlet which I did, just to please him at the moment. Immediately I pulled off my singlet, my boobs were showing off on my singlet which means that what I was wearing at that moment was nothing but my singlet and bra, He was aroused by the look I saw in his eyes, he pulled off his trousers, and my heart was bitting so fast because I've not had sex before in my life.
Being Single is Not an Excuse To Not Getting Incredible Business For Living
I again distracted him, by asking him: Baby, please can you do me a favor? He said yes with his red eyes glooming of pleasures he was already thinking of having from me, with a heavy sweat coming out from his forehead. I told him since we are already in a relationship with each other tonight till ever, will u help me get a job in your dad's company? He said yes without wasting time then I asked him to make the contact immediately before anything happens between us.

Right there in front of me, I persuaded him to call his dad and request for my application, He did it right there and I was employed to his dad's company. but the problem now is how to leave his room without doing anything crazy with him. He told me that he wanna have sex with me right there in his room immediately, I looked right straight to his Dick, The Thing was already standing pointing straight to me like a long grandpa's walking stick. 

I was filled with fear and sweats all over me, then I told him o play a music so that no one hears me, when I scream, when he was about to put the music, I begged him to please call his dad again and ask him when I should get my application letter and my details to his company, luckily for me that evening, the time was still 4:15pm and the company closes by 4:30pm. His father ordered him to tell the applicant to bring the details today, before 4:30pm and after today no more opportunity.

I convinced him that I was gonna come back after the submission in their company though I never made him a promise, then I dressed up in my suit jacket immediately and ran for my dear life and future. This was how I got a good payable job at the age of 21, and  I leave fine, without demanding or waiting for anybody to feed me before I get fed. Being Single is Not an Excuse To Not Getting Incredible Business For Living. All you need to do is devise a way to make things happen for you in your life especially now that you are still single before it's too late.
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