21years Old Lady Gets a House as a Graduation Gift From Her Mother

I am so thankful for my mom whom I promised that she won't pay anything for college in high school. And I kept that promise earning a full-ride in my studies, gaining scholarships in my school too. She promised me that after my graduation she would help me get on my feet, and surprisingly for me in return she handed me the deed to one of her rental properties, putting it in my name!. I am now officially a House owner.
21years Old Lady Gets a House as a Graduation Gift From Her Mother
"Life is truly AMAZING! At 21 years old, I received my FIRST rental property from my Mother as a graduation gift! My mother has been in the real estate business for over 25 years! I had absolutely NO interest in getting into the business at all! I had other 'plans' for my life! Fast forward, I am now a licensed realtor working side by side with my mother every single day!

She is the ultimate Girl Boss! She is a Real estate specialist, Broker, and Multi- MILLION dollar producer! Woah! It's amazing how you can THINK you have your life all planned out but God is the only one who knows it ALL! Thank you, Mother, for throwing all of your Black Girl Magic Fairy dust my way!"

My mom has an advice to many other mothers outside the world: Please, if you are a mother reading this post right now, I advise you to start saving something no matter how little is it for your daughters if they are more than one. No matter how small it is, It's something. what matters is that you gave her something after her graduation in school, or after the day of her wedding ceremony. 

if you are a father reading this post: I will advise you to stop feeling that your daughter has no right to any inheritance from you as a father, that is a low mentality. You as a father supposed to build a house secretly far away from your house just for your daughter, just you and your wife should be aware of the building if truly your wife is a secret keeper, and also a wife material. 

Our daughters are our pride, they are the ones to come back to you in old age and look at your face as a father or as the mother, and ask you what the matter is, no matter how bad or good you treated them when they were still young. Let us all take care of our daughters because they are the caretakers of tomorrow.
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