The Weakness of A Man

The new experience of life and its establishments.In the best world people believe the leave, they sincerely believe that their life today is for themselves, forgetting that the life they live is not just for themselves alone but also for their loved ones too. It has been made known to us that if we enjoy our lives the way we want that, we will not be able to get whatever we need in future.
What is The Weakness of A Man
Many men have done things they are not supposed to do just because of the sale of a woman's pant, though it's really not encouraging but many think that it's the best way of life, the lives of many men has gone all in the name of dating a girl they don't know, or maybe because of the girl they met on their way heading to an important journey. 

Some met girls inside a SHOPRITE, and many other places, there are many Goodly girls who dressed in a manner that is responsible, but those guys are not interested or attracted to them, but once they see irresponsible ladies who are after the pockets and the cars they ride, that is the kind of people they are easily attracted to, because they are being lustful.


A lady was driving her car to the market to buy foodstuff for her child, she met a fellow lady on the road who stopped her to drop her in a nearby junction, she picked up the lady, just within the nearby junction that they're almost close to, the phone of the lady who was the driver rang and she picked up her call which was the husband calling, the picked up lady saw the handsome picture of the man on the screen calling, she decided not to go again, she told the lady that picked her up, that she forgot something at home, that she will return with her, after she must have bought what she wanna buy, she waited for her in the car to go and buy what she wants to buy, immediately she left, she collected her phone and typed up the husband's number and dropped back the phone.

That same day, when she was dropped back at the bus stop where the lady picked her, she called the husband of that woman to meet her at that joint, which the man did, because he is a womanizer, he arranged the night with the girl, which leads to the consumption of almost all the money the man had in his account which was meant for a project in the land management. He was lost in his mind that he gave the young lady his transfer pin and his account details which were one within the range of 20-30mins, he transferred 6million naira to the lady's account 6times.

With all pleasure, the Lady satisfied him with bed rides and romances that touched his heads and his mode of thinking. After the girl went to the bathroom in hotel room to ease herself, she left through the window at the back door, while the man was still in the room waiting, he received an alert from the bank, that his account has been debited 1million into 6times, that was when his sense came back to him, while it was already late, because the lady has escaped, that was how the life and family of the man was diminished just because of the pant of a woman.

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