The Return Of A Real Man

A real man is one who accepts his mistakes, a man who believes that he is wrong when he does wrong, a man that can be able to kneel down to ask for forgiveness of the wrongs he did. Many homes and relationships have crumbled today because of a simple and problems that should have been handled by the man. Many homes today are been under the control of a woman just because the man refuses to do the right thing that he was supposed to do. 
The Return Of A Real Man
Most men today have left all the responsibilities of home just for the woman alone, which is not the way it supposed to be, thereby pushing the woman to do what she is not supposed to do and as well as saying what she is not supposed to say to the man. Many men today no longer know their responsibilities as a man in the home just because of the kind of friends they mingle with outside their home.

A man was having problem with his wife which was a problem that he was supposed o settle with the wife peacefully at home, he doesn't wanna mellow down his pride to the wife and ask for forgiveness, all he did was to go out to meet his friends and tell them the problems he was facing with the wife. Someone among his friends advised him to beat the hell out her eyes, while the other advised him to send her packing back to her mother's house.

The man was totally confused on what to do, because he loves his wife, it's just that he is too proud full of himself, then when he arrived home, what he did was to send the woman packing for o just reason, after he did that, he went back to his friends and thanked them for their advice to him, at-least he now have peace in  his home, though he misses the wife. Afer few months the man couldn't stay alone any longer, because of the burden in the home, taking care of little kids between the age range of just 3-4 years old. 

HE went back to same misleading friends of his and told them had problems in the home and none of them were able to give him a solution to his problem, that was when he realized that he has done the worst mistake of his life. he went back to mother in laws house to bring back the woman he loved and realize that the woman doesn't have any feelings for him anymore.

But for the sake of the children, the woman followed him back to the house, but this time around she became a house wife on her own, she stopped doing the house chore that she used to do, she stopped caring for the man like she used to do, she stopped bothering herself about the things that used to bother her before, until what happened that separated them happened. 

This was lead to the return of a real man in him, He returned home to his senses, and as well back to his home alone, all his problems was been shared by him and his wife alone, he took his wife as his best friend and also the one that can give him any advice he needs, both in business and all ramifications of his life. He begging for forgiveness whenever he does things wrong, he accepts his wrong deed, the wife as well got back the kind of love and happy home she ever wanted. 

Today, their home became the most enviable home to other homes, and her children became exemplary children to other children outside the world. Now to you that is reading this post, i want you to tell people the truth in marriage no matter how hard it is for you, learn to be truthful, be honest, be responsible, and above all be a real man to your wife and children, or be a real woman to your husband and children.

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