How To Live A Peaceful Life

The world has come to the extent that we must stop leaving the lives of the fight, quarrel, and problems. When you think that without you, someone around you will not prosper It's not a good thought from you because you should as well remember that you are not that person's God at all.
To start leaving a peaceful life, you must first of all make up your mind, if you don't make up your mind, you might give up along the way, but when you say a word and stand on the word you declared, you will fulfill a destiny.

Many people around the world think that without them, a  family in their community will not progress because he/she is the one helping them out in so many basic things in life, you should as well know that if you don't help those family, you might not be who you are today.

I've come to realize that in the things about the world, it doesn't work out the way we think it should. Many people today have caged the life of their fellow community members, all in the name of money, while many as well have taken away the lives of their family members all in the name of money too.

Money is not everything, You might have that same money but yet there's no peace for you, but if that money came on the right track of life, you will enjoy the money and have peace when enjoying the money. Have you ever asked yourself this question: AM I LIVING A LIFE OF PEACE?

If you couldn't give yourself a right answer to this question, then I think you should as from today amend your life. Stop leaving a troublesome life and start leaving a peaceful life. Start making Peace for a broken marriage and stop being the one scattering it more.

I've seen people that like to scatter a God arranged family and instead of them to thinks of how to arrange their own family to be the best family in the world, instead they will go around destroying other people's marriages! We must stop all those immoral lives of quarrels and troubles and we have to start leaving the life of Peace wherever we enter. 

Your new name as from today should be Peace, both Peace in the family, Peace in the Community, Peace in the State and peace in the country. That should be what we should be known as because If you are a Peacemaker, People will always value you in every aspect of life.

Although if you are a peace maker most people in life will become your enemy, especially people that see that see that they are leaving the lives that they refuse to change, All you should do is to make sure that your life is hidden inside Jesus Christ and Him alone will be there fighting for you.

The Most enjoyable part of life is when Jesus is the one fighting for you, You don't even need to pray for victory because His name is Victory, He just needs to have faith in Him, because you must believe in something before that thing works out for you.

Moreover, I will tell YOU that is reading this post today, If you have been leaving a Just, truthful and peaceful life, You must continue with your good works, don't ever give up because of the trials and temptations you see around you. 

Many People today have changed their ways of living from peaceful life to a rough life because of the things that happened to them, but I want to encourage you today with this post to Never Give up, keep doing good because one day your good will speak for in a place yo never imagined it will.

When you do things for people and out of 10people it was only 1person that came back to appreciate you, just accept it because it's the way things were in the time of Jesus when he was on earth here, after healing ten lepers, it was just one person that came back to appreciate him, so you should not feel bad, instead you should feel better, that you are the savior of the world after Jesus Christ.

In the essence of life, we should finally know that we are not of the but we are in the world. as soon as things about this world change our mentality from positive to negative, that is when you make yourself part of the worlds. From today make your life to be a peaceful life for yourself, for people around you and by yourself too.

In conclusion, leaving a life of peace will establish things you never expected for you and your future to come, though it might only take time...but you must do the right thing because deep inside your heart, you know the right thing and you must do it, not just for your sake alone, but for your generations to come which you are dropping a nice legacy to follow when they come forth.

And as well your name will be recorded among the peacemakers, no matter where you are, even when you are dead too. it will bring a great and nice fruitfulness to your world and even in your next world to come. Wherever you are right now, make sure you amend your ways and you will see God's glory being fulfilled in your life and family in Jesus name amen!

Share this post to many just to change the lives of some, and to win a soul for Christ. Jesus Love You! 

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