Going to Church is Not Serving God.

Nowadays, many souls in the world believe that serving God is all about going to church every Sunday, and as well just playing away their time other days of the week, without knowing that it's not the best way of serving God at all.

Going to church is because all Christians believed and accepted that we should be going to church every Sunday to worship our creator, but on the other hand, it's not the best way of serving God at all. It's just a way of proving to the world and God also that you believe in Him.
Going to Church is Not Serving God.
How can a Brother that just left the church 5mins ago be fighting at the junction that leads to the gate of His house just because of money? Did he go to Church to serve God? NO! He went to fulfill all righteousness.

Serving God simply means: 

Being obedient to the word of God without any doubt and putting the word of God into practice. 
Serving God is having the passion for the things of God at all time and at all places.
Serving God is doing the things that move God everywhere you see yourself.

Every child of God is created for a purpose, and one major purpose why we are all created here on earth is mainly to serve God with all our hearts and might. But some thinks that serving God is a bed of roses... No! It's not, Serving God will always is never an easy task, but it's so sweet serving God. I'm a witness today.

Permit me to tell you today that it pays to serve the Lord If you are serving God and you have never sacrificed anything for the sake of your service unto God, you are still a beginner to service. Start today to serve God more than you use to do, start today to serve  God more than just going to church every Sunday, and the Lord will visit you in this year 2017,... Amen.


The best way to serve God in His kingdom is by joining a unit or society in your church, and as well serving Him wholeheartedly without murmuring in that unit where you are, then you will see the full hands of God manifesting in your lives. Amen.

Serving God Pays John 11:41
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