Do Not Let Your Pastor Go With Your Faith

I've come to realise that one of the basic and greatest challenges most churches are facing is the exchange of a pastor or that o the resident pastor of one church or the preacher being transferred, many are now going up on the fact that their pastor was transferred, therefore they will g with their pastor, or they will give up on the church just because the person that preach to their satisfaction has been transferred. My fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, don't let your pastor go with your faith.
Don't Let Your Pastor Go With Your Faith
Most churches can absorb the shock of losing an important, leader, a mentor, a burden bearer in the church, a listener, a father/mother, a great redeemer, close persons in the spirit realm. But when a new pastor is transferred and he/she is not given the church what the other was giving to them, most of the members become reluctant of going to church, but in rendering the church services they use to do when the transferred pastor was there.

It has lead to the extent that Most members of the church compared the new pastor with the old pastor why because all their faith is with the transferred pastor, and with such comparison, it will lead to them, either changing another church or they will start disobeying the rules and regulations of the church, which will thereby lead spiritual failure in the lives of the members.

Gifted pastors prepare congregations for their departure all during their pastorates through enlightened leadership that empowers congregations to keep the church’s work going even while the pastor’s office remains empty. A gifted Pastor lets his followers know that one day he will not be the one standing in that same Altar, He need st make the church know that one day they will look for him and they won't see him, instead they will be hearing his voice on the records of the tapes he has left when he was with them.

Even without the pastor being present in a church meeting, the members are supposed to realise worships and praises onto God, especially at that moment he's still with them, and if they can't practice that when He is still with them presently, I wonder how possibly they can stand without him when he is being transferred. But I still stand on the word that this is the duty of a pastor to let The members know that one day he will depart from their midst.

As a card-carrying churchgoer for half a century, While I won’t try to steal any of his thunder, experience brings to mind a couple of other observations about dealing with a pastor’s departure. because many will be very devoted, addicted in coming to church when that pastor they like his way and mode of lessons is still there, but the big question is: WHAT ABOUT THE TIME HE WILL NOT BE THERE?

Getting the right candidate for the job takes time, much work and even more prayer. I hesitate to call a candidate a “replacement.” No pastor ever can be replaced. They aren’t light bulbs or cars or blue jeans. Each is unique. Until you see every pastor as Unique, you will never grab anything from him/her even until he will be transferred again. So be careful!

Don't Let your Pastor Leave With Your Faith
Once a new Pastor is transferred to your church and maybe, you don't like his facial outlook or his voice, just be calm and ask God to help you get used to Him and his voice too, because if you don't believe in your prophet, You can't get anything from Him until he is being transferred again.


Finally, wholeheartedly support that new pastor with your time and talents. Tell the preacher you really appreciated the sermon or thank the pastor for a specific kindness done to or for you. A little encouragement goes a long way to building a strong long-term relationship.

That’s how churches and ministries are supposed to work.

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