A Relationship Without Communication Is Dead

Most relationships today have crumbled, broken and died today because of lack of communications and self-interest and pride in both couples. If you say you are in love with your wife or your husband and yet you both live in the same room, eat in the same plate, bath in the same bathroom and even drives out to work in the same car but yet you don't communicate with each other on bed, The relationship is incomplete no matter how you both make love to each other. 

Many Relationship today thinks that Sex is the main priority of a relationship, the answer is a big NO. The reason is that if you make sex the priority of your relationship with your wife or your husband, you both will end up being sex partners and not Husband and wife.
A Relationship Without Communication Is Dead
This four letter word pride killed a lot of relationships because the other person will be waiting for the other person to come and say sorry to him/her even when he/she knows that he/she is the one at fault. Why not swallow that pride inside of you and apologize to that man/woman. It doesn't make you not to be man/woman of the house, instead, it makes the relationship to be sweeter than you could imagine.

Moreover, Have you ever asked yourself what this communication is? Or do you think that communication is all about telling Him/her what you wanna eat or drink? Though telling him/her what you wanna eat or drink is part of communication but that is not just the main definition of communication. 

My dictionary Oxford Advanced Learners explained communication as the imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium. Now if my dictionary explains communication in a simple way that the both couples should understand, Then why is it that most relationships today are still crushing on the way.

A lot of broken homes today were caused because of lack of communications. The both couples were brought together for a reason which was the more reason why God gave them the children of their own just for them to bring them up in a Godly manner. I have seen A wife been angry with the husband because the man goes out there and meet other girls outside his marital home, but when the wife noticed, she never told him anything about it, instead she kept it in her mind and the man himself realized that the wife has been angry with him, yet he never asked her what the matter was, They were both busy killing themselves in silence.

Along the Line, a football match was on, the lady heard a voice of shout from football fans at the back of her husband's compound she fell down and fainted, the husband rushed her to the hospital and it was made known to him that the wife is having heart attack, and she was as well harbouring and enduring a lot of things for the husband without telling the man. At the conclusion of the discussion, the wife died, and the man regretted never communicating with her when she was there.  Though it's never easy to communicate with your husband or your wife, don't ever do it in a way that it will take away the life of the one you love or cherish so much.

Communication is the only thing that keeps your relationship alive, Some of you cannot communicate with your wife or husband with your mouth, why not write it and keep it in her/his place of makeup or dressing pot. if you write it for her/him and maybe he cannot read, why not text him on the phone when he is off to work/business? If your wife or your husband/wife cannot read or write or even read a text message you sent to him/her on a phone, the only thing you can do is to call him/her on phone and tell him/her when he/she is off to work, or tell him/her when you are in bed to sleep or tell him/her when you are eating together at the same dining table. 

The best thing is: devise a way to talk to your wife/husband because if you both don't communicate with each other, the relationship will automatically die, unknown to the both of you. When you look around your corner, you might have seen some marriages of some of your friends you know or even the marriage of your parents prospering successfully, do you know what kept them together till now? It's simply communication. Tell your wife/husband when you need him/her, 

Tell him/her that you love him/her, tell him/her how much she means to you, tell him/her how you want him to dress for you, tell him/her how you want him/her to be talking outside, tell him/her the kind of people you want to be seeing around him/her, tell him/her how you felt last week about him/her, tell him/her what he/she did that made you angry, don't keep things to yourself if you want your relationship to be the best, don't keep things to yourself if you want your relationship to be envied by people out there.

Finally, Permit me to announce to you today, that communication is the success of every relationship.

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