Encourage Yourself, Don't Let Anything Weigh You Down

In Life today, when one is looking or waiting for anyone here on earth to encourage you of what you do, especially when you are dong the right thing, Believe me, you are wasting your time, because no one is gonna encourage you. The reason is that we are in a corrupt world and nobody is gonna make you feel good if you don't make yourself to.
Encourage Yourself, Don't Let Anything Weigh You Down
Many times in life we think that life is a bed of roses, just because we come from a family that is rich or a family that is wealthy enough to take care of you to any level of life, bu have you ever asked yourself: After this levels of life what next? Your riches will not get you to heaven but your pure heart and righteous way of living will. If you are too rich to the extent that you eat and throw away the one that was decayed on the next day, Why not help Someone out there? Encourage someone out there.

If peradventure you were among those that were born forth in a family that that doesn't care to know how yu feed, dress or even live here on earth, the best thing to do is to encourage yourself because no one is gonna do that for you. Life in Crises is not a bed of Roses, but life in Christ is full of Roses, Joy, Peace, Understanding and other goodies. Have you ever asked yourself how your parents starved for 20years and above years back just to make sure that you are satisfied in all angles, but yet you are not yet satisfied because what you see outside maybe in the lives of your friends is still not encouraging you?

Why not encourage yourself? Many Parents died untimely just because of what their sons caused them, because of what their children told them, because of what their sons said to them even after when they've tried their best just to make sure that the children are satisfied with the little they can provide. Encourage yourself and support the person that brought you to the level you are today because it's not easy at all. A lot of Youths today have gone astray in their Biblical and Holy way of living just because they looking for the person to encourage them, or who to make them be on top.

Though Life is tough, you need to believe in yourself, wherever you are right now reading this post, you need to understand that you can do all things through Christ that strengthens you. Once you have full belief in your own self, you will be surprised at what God is gonna do with you and for you. I want you to wake up in the morning and see yourself as the richest youth in your community, Village, State, Nation and all over the world. Once you have such a healthy spirit and bold mind of yourself, don't be surprised of what God is capable of doing.  

A lot of people have failed today in life, not because it was their wish or plan to fail, but it was because they didn't do what they are supposed to do in the right time and also in the right way. Many people have played away their time in the youthful age, thinking that time is on their side, without knowing that once that time passes, there is no other time to do what they are supposed to do in their youthful age anymore.

Wake Up and be courageous, because no one is gonna encourage you if you don't promote yourself.Though you might have tried in different ways just to see that things worked out for you, it seemed like nothing is working at all, Don't give up, Quitters never Win and Winners never Quit. If you give up because you are tired of life at your young age now, what will you tell your generations? What will your generation see you as? What will they call you? You were brought into that family for a reason, not just to come and fill a gap in the household.

Until you begin to see yourself today, as a very importanrt person in your family, you will never be fruitful. Fruitfulness is not all about bearing children, fruitfullness is all abaut planting good seeds and reaping the fruits of the seeds you planted 50years ago even at your old age. Stop looking back at your friends who are not even willing to think of their lives, Stop following people that will weigh you down with thoughts, Disconnect from them and start sometghing, do something at all no matter how small or local it is, because all this rich peple you are seeing or hearing their names today, they all started somewhere.

Start encouraging yourself today, because no one will do that for you. God bless you!

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